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"Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities." - Mark Twain

This Wiki page is devoted to the Roleplay Civilization: An Epic Tale from the Nationstates Forum. Here, each user will have the ability to edit their own pages, and add to the lore of their nation.

A brief introduction into the awesome world of Civilization:Edit

This wiki is all about the Roleplay, or frequently shortened RP, Civilization: An Epic Tale, where players create and command their own nation throughout the ages, battling, and often losing against historical and natural forces, ranging from the Iranian migrations in the eleventh century, to the cultural assimilation and depopulation that would eventually be the downfall of the nation of Qartha. For the most part, this Wiki is meant to emulate Wikipedia in the sense that it is supposed to be a Wiki on an alternate world history. Each player is responsible for creating and maintaining their own pages regarding their nation, and are encouraged to create more than one page regarding different subjects. For example, if one mentions a certain type of sword used by their soldiers in the Iron Age, they are encouraged to make a brief page regarding that sword in particular. 

Other than that, certain "special" pages are maintained by the Original Poster, or the OP, myself, as well as the Co-OP, which are pages regarding non-player controlled nations, NPCs, or dead nations which formerly existed and are no longer active or a part of the RP, due to inactivity or having been wiped off the map in other ways. 

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